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IoT Use Cases And Solutions

Use Cases

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WND IoT solution: LOKA system


  • Multipurpose board: Mainly used for tracking device of objects, people, vehicles but it can include other sensors
  • Small: The target size: 20x70mm (including the antenna & minicard)
  • Low costs: The costs will be based on “cost +”. Estimation : the target cost for manufactured devices (including simple plastics) < usd20 (exworks) – first version
  • Mcu With 132kb Memory
  • Sigfox Compatible Transceiver
  • Fcc Compatible Pa/lna - 24dbm Output For Sigfox-ffc Power
  • Wifi Soc For Low Cost/low Power Tracking Based On Proprietary Database
  • High Quality 2.4 Chip Antenna
  • 3d Sensor , Magnetic Sensor , Temperature Sensor
  • 1 Button, Status Led
  • 2 Analog Io Lines, 6 Digital Io Lines
  • Power Supply For Miniboards
  • Uart Interface For Minicards & External Devices
  • Miniboard Pad Socket
  • Daughterboard Edge Connectors
  • Integrated Matched Antenna
  • Designed To Use Disposable Aaa And Aa Batteries (Zinc-carbon/alkaline/lithium)
Certification Status:
  • FCC Trackers Certified by Sigfox - going into production
  • ETSI (Europe) version finalised development (under certification)
  • Web and Mobile App Geo location available
  • Device manager available
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Sigfox Backend

Network Adapter

Device Manager

Message Router

Location Service

Location WebApp

Location Smart APP

  • Basic
    • Support sigfox protocol
    • Message router
    • Support «bin protocol» for multipurpose messages
    • Update firmware
    • Send different commands, or enter into different modes with combinations of button and motion commands
  • Geo location
    • Locate the device based on wifi and sigfox location (can be combined with gps)
  • Device management
    • Manage your devices with the advanced device management

IoT Platforms integration

Under devlopment

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