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Be a WND partner or Sales Channel

Be a WND partner or Sales Channel

  • WND’s purpose is to oversee and coordinate SIGFOX network rollouts and operations across all of Latin America
  • WND has exclusive rights to deploy SIGFOX networks across countries representing over 70% of the GDP of Latin America
  • WND is responsible for selecting possible partners in case partners are deemed necessary
  • Each SNOs will be run by local entrepreneurs/partners selected by WND (WND team in the case of Brazil) and funded by either WND and/or local investors.

Roles and Responsabilities

  • Technology provision including hardware
  • BSS/OSS services required to operate the network
  • Ecosystem promotion
  • Network deployment and operation
  • Supervision and coordination of local SNOs
  • Sales and distribution of devices and services for B2B
WND Partner
  • Local network deployment and operation and/or local distribution services/sales channels
Sales Partners/Channels
  • Primary sales and distribution of devices and services

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